Renteria Wines Mixed Pinot Noir (6)

Renteria Wines Mixed Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$89.99 $324.00 72% off List
2 - 2012 Pinot Noir, Griffin’s Lair Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
2 - 2013 Pinot Noir, Griffin’s Lair Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
2 - 2013 Pinot Noir, Los Carneros, Napa Valley

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Price reduction since the last offer, guess I’ll have to open one tomorrow and see if I want some more.

Right there with ya, I haven’t tried the bottle I got last time yet.

It’s always nice to see a price reduction!

Got this last time. Openned the Carneros bottle and was dissappointed…I think I commented on one of the forums here. Will search for for my notes. I remember it being green, sour, thin, and lacking the typical PN profile from the region. Been avoiding the other two bottles but may need to try one this evening. Maybe was an off bottle?

Can you go ahead and do that now, and post your notes?

Wine, it’s what’s for breakfast!

You too Cory. You know the drill. " …paired well with Wheat Chex, but didn’t hold up to the Frosted Flakes…"

Hi there – let us know if the Griffin’s Lair Pinot Noir is more your cup of tea. It’s a prized vineyard we’re proud to make wine from. Would love to hear your thoughts on the contrast.

Don’t forget the cheese (better pairing than Cheerios).

Sorry I can’t make that particular comparison, but Roessler used to make Pinot from the same vineyard, and it was simply sublime. Nice to know someone who still cares about quality has a hand on those grapes. :slight_smile:

I will wait for more comments tonight…However Wine Search likes it especially the Cameros
$35 to $45 per bottle, usually plus shipping of at least $20, last time I got 13 bottles of scotch from Remedy…shipping was $51, so at $15.1111111 each for six, probably in for 18
btw, if you like scotch…Remedy has Cadenhead Small Batch and Green Spot Irish, really, really good

As promised, opened the 2013 Renteria Griffin’s Lair about an hour ago… note I did NOT read any notes or descriptions of this wine since they tend to influence my tasting experience.

Initial impressions: night and day when it comes to my experience with the Carneros PN.

Ruby color with noticeable legs. The nose reminds me of damp soil or bark. I am also getting dark cherry notes with a hint of Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, maybe nutmeg…nice.

The wine goes down easy. Maybe too easy. Soft, rounded, with noticeable tannins (tAd of a grip) but we’ll incorporated IMO. Acidity seems perfect as it keeps calling me back. No heat at all though I can taste a bit of alcohol. Short finish. Not perfectly balanced but close to it.
I would say this wine is in the middle of the old and new world PN spectrum. A little dirt and a little fruitiness. I like it. Had it with bbq salmon and went well.

I would say $35 winery price is about right and at $15 delivered a steal.

Now I am awaiting for Cortot’s impressions of the Carneros PN since I did not like it when I had it. Hoping it was a bad bottle. If so, then I am in for sure.

Hope this helps.


I dont know why I have not pressed the buy button yet. Im currently scheduling when I am going to cave in. Still, I would appreciate another tasting note or two before that happens!

Thanks for the notes Lost, I’m not going to open mine tonight because it’s hockey night and I need to put the skates on soon and alcohol and hockey are not a good mix.

bah, im in.

In for 18

Well that went fast.

EDIT: or they just didn’t post an offer for today.