Renwood Grandmere Library (4)

I’d be interested in comments from those that have been around longer and may know some of the history of these.
$20/btl delivered for 10+ year old Zin, humm.

Previous offer Jun 5, 2013

My tasting notes for the '02 can be found at the link above, but basically I would say that the '02 is a nice “drink now” wine that should not be decanted. Enjoyable on PnP, singing after ~45 minutes in the glass, getting stewed flavors after 2-3 hours opened. Buy and drink. Hopefully the '04 can stand up to some cellaring.

I was in for one, but no Wisconsin. That’s the first time I’ve run into that problem.

Well, if we need to keep building up the ledger I’d split with you. Also, check your email in an hour or so.

Edit: although Sparky’s and rpm’s comments from last time have me hesitating slightly. I’d love to have tried this before jumping in to keep filling the overfull cellar.

Already got the split, looks like I need to read faster as well, but there was another item that was flashing…