Renwood Vintage Port (4)

Renwood Vintage Port 4-Pack
$69.99 $117.00 40% off List Price
2005 Renwood Vintage Port 750ml
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Are these in window?
Someone please sell me on these.

Apparently not until 2018. Also available for $20@ so not a screamin’ deal here. However, I’m sure they’re quite drinkable with 8 years on them - just not optimal yet. :wink:

Anyone actually quaffed?

It’s rare to see full-sized bottles of Port. This seems like a good deal @ $20 apiece with tax and shipping.

Do you mean rare to see full-sized bottles of Port here on Woot!, or in general?

In general. Ports usually are in smaller bottles. My husband is a port fanatic.

Never heard of this winery tho…hesitant to make the jump. The pedroncelli was wonderful when that was on woot a whole back. We’ve purchased at least 5 cases since then :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from anyone regarding this port/winery.

Maybe domestic bottlings, but as far as real Port goes, that’s all I buy is full bottles. Don’t know the production numbers375 vs 750, but all the houses bottle 750’s and mags as well.

I agree with Kaolis. The ones I’ve come across have always been full bottles. Then again, I purchase more Portuguese ports (Sandeman, Ferreira), than I do any other brand, as I am Portuguese.

The vast majority of Port wines I have purchased, drank or seen for sale are 500ml or 375ml bottles. Maybe “rare” is a bit of an overstatement for 750ml bottles of Port but it’s not the norm from my experience.
EDIT: Clearly my experience is lacking…

…and I don’t have any real Portuguese Ports, so I guess Kaolis is correct that it’s the domestic Ports that are usually in smaller bottles. 500ml seems to be the most common.

A look at the website of Buffalo’s largest dealer shows that even the domestic “ports” have 750 mL bottlings in the vast majority.

I guess my cellar is an anomaly. Out of 21 unique Ports, only 3 of them are 750s.

Ok, we’ve got some great bottle size discussion going on here. How about some stuff on the contents? :tongue:

Don’t be a downer…size matters!! :wink:

More is more.

Same here. We have at least 30 bottles and only 5 are full sized.

Have purchased many brands - Ferreira, fonseca, ficklin, cockburns, dows, pedrocelli, warres…Ect.

Most have been smaller bottles - not that he complains when we get one in a larger bottle :slight_smile:

Has anyone had anything from this winery?

I’ve had the single vineyard Grandmere and Grandpere Zinfandels from Renwood. Good stuff. Also have had their non vineyard designate Zins. All have been good for the price.

The one retailer on Wine Searcher that has this at $19.99 only has two bottles in stock, so no spreadin’ the love there at least.

Have not quaffed. This does look interesting from the fact that it has typical Portuguese Port grapes in the blend. 2005 in general for the Sierra Foothills was just a so so vintage however. But at the price probably a good try for a winter night by the fireplace.

If this were a Portuguese port (which it is not - this one is still domestic), then I would be all over this. The general rule of thumb (going back to at least 1963) is that vintage Ports are at their best about every 7 years or so ('63, '70, '77, '83, '91, '98, '05 if memory serves). Portuguese ports are almost exclusively 750 ml. It’s only in this country where they’re sometimes packaged smaller to distinguish them as a dessert-type wine.

Because of the way Port is made and fortified, the vineyard is often considered secondary to the conditions for a particular year. So, again, IF this were a Portuguese port, I would probably be in for 3. Since it isn’t I might get one… I seem to recall that 2005 was a pretty good year for CA reds and there was no smoke taint - anyone recall differently?