Renwood Vintage Port (4)

Hi everyone. Joe here. I’m the Winemaker here at Renwood. I’ve recently gone through all of our past vintage Ports and this 2005 is looking beautiful! I’m here if you’ve got questions.

This wine is made from 5 True Port Varieties. Bastardo, Tinta Cao, Souzao, Touriga Nacional & Alvarelhao.

Your recollection is good.

Hi Joe,
Great to see you back at Renwood. This is a well made Port Style Fortified wine. Made in the traditional Portuguese vintage style. The wine holds true to a vintage style and will not be a disappointment if you like Portuguese vintage Ports.

Is this in the drinking window? Or when will it be?
I can buy for either now or the future but either of those choices comes out of different funds.

Same here. Thx.

triple checked this. they are 750’s.

I’m interested in this but am going out of town around the time this will ship. I have a house-sitter old enough to sign for it, but in the event I choose to have it held for pickup, would this come UPS or FedEx?

Is this a sweet wine?

Yes, but it’s not a sweet wine like you’re probably thinking. It’s a port-styled wine. It’s not like a “normal” wine you would open and drink a couple glasses of with dinner.

Everything recently has been coming FedEx. Only time I saw UPS was from a WA winery a couple years ago.

My cellar, 51.8% 750’s, 32.1% 500’s and 16.1% 375’s. Of those 57.7% US, 40.1% Portugal, 1.5% France and 0.7% Italy. So some are clearly in the Port style, ie Prager, and the two French are actually Banyuls, not “port”. Of the 55 from Portugal, only nine are not 750’s.

I too would like to know a bit more of it’s profile and age-ability. Seeing that Scott chimed in is a definite plus. Can we get some additional comments from Joe?


Thanks for joining us Joe. The Alc% is listed at 20, but what is the RS? What did you fortify with and how was it selected? Thanks.

I cannot speak towards this port, but the Renwood Viogner we recently purchased is one of my favorites I’ve ever had. Add to that the incredible price and I couldn’t be happier.

Also, all my ports are 375ml. I actually like this size as it is easier to finish off a bottle in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve had the 2008 estate Syrah from @robbramblett’s cellar, which was purchased here on woot, and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent QPR!! Rob and his wife loved this wine so much, they bought a case of it the last time it was offered. If this could be shipped to TN, I would be all over this.

I would have liked to have tried this. I have enjoyed many a Renwood zin in the past and have always enjoyed them as an every day drinker. The QPR makes them a no-brainer for me.

Tempted by this but I so rarely drink dessert wines that I fear it would just sit. So I guess I’ll save my money.

On a side note, I don’t smoke cigars but I have seen people working on a cigar while drinking port. Seems like an odd pairing, what am I missing?

Thanks Scott! This Port is tasting very good. you will not be disappointed!