Renwood Viognier Case (12)

Renwood Viognier Case
$64.99 $̶1̶4̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 56% off List Price
2007 Renwood “Red Label” Viognier
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A charitable man decided to bestow a bottle of the 2007 Renwood Red Label Viognier upon me for sampling purposes.

The short version: I liked it so much I bought a case! (but am willing to share)

The long version: Very light color in the glass, slow-forming medium-spaced legs. Nose of peaches, cream and honeysuckle with tropical fruit and wet stone notes.

Medium bodied. Off-dry palate bursting with fruit - apricot, pineapple, grapefruit and orange zest. Just the right amount of acidity and a touch of spice on the finish to cut the perceived sweetness.

If you’re looking for a dry and/or “serious” Viognier, this isn’t it. If you want something that is extremely quaffable, look no further. This wine goes down way too easily…

Not showing any negative signs of age that I can tell but it probably had a bit more of an acidic bite a couple years ago. Still plenty of life left though, and this is a crazy good price!

(First sucker: chipgreen)

EDIT: If the winery stops in, I’d be interested to know if there is any appreciable amount of RS in this wine?

Just contemplating this wine at $6.39/bottle with tax/shipping to OH… I have no business buying another case of wine when my cellar is already overflowing but at the same time I regret buying only one! This has got to be the QPR deal of the year to date, reminiscent of previous 2007 Kaleidoscope or 2007 Hahn Estates Cab Franc offers.

You had me at “Kaleidoscope.” In for one, and I’ll figure out where to store it when it arrives.

Would go in on this but I can’t pull the trigger on a case of wine my wife may or may not enjoy. Even at this price. She’s picky!

Woah. At $6.56/bottle to WA, hopefully this will please all my white w(h)iner friends, and leave the reds for me. In for one.

How about a split?

This deal looks awesome and I’d love a case, but alas, I won’t be 21 until the 17th of October. It wouldn’t be possible to reserve a case and have it ship on my birthday, would it?

No, No it wouldn’t. But you should ABSOLUTELY stop back on the 17th (well, the 18th, as the 17th is Non Wine Thursday).

Don’t you have a friend or relative who is 21 that could order it for you?

We share a birthday! But, unfortunately, I am over 21, way over.

Of course, but the best part of ordering something online is excitedly running to the door to get your package when it shows up. I guess I just really like sending myself presents.

Three way?

Oh my. Not really how I envisioned starting my day, but a bottle of this showed up at the front door yesterday…

The last time I was lucky enough to have such foreknowledge, it was 10 days or so before my sample bottle was the wine offered on Woot!. This time, I planned to let it rest, since it’s kinda on the middle-aged side of life and have a nice meal with it. Instead I’m having it for BREAKFAST!!!

Where does this Viognier land on the sweetness scale? I’ve had them anywhere from dry to approaching muscat…


The breakfast of champions!

OK. Bottle in fridge for about 18 hours. At opening… nice viscosity, but seems lacking in acidity. Showing nectarine and apple flavors, somewhat sweet, possibly due to the ph issue. Nice and surprisingly fresh for its age. Of course, it’s too cold.

After 20 minutes, it’s showing a biscuity nose, more acid, more viscosity and the fruits have evolved to more apricots and less apple with that nectarine. Viognier does have a tendency to change significantly with the right temperature, as this wine displays.

In spite of my fears at first (cold) sip, the RS (which I’d really like to know what it is…) is at least balanced by the acidity. With the 13.5 ETOH that my bottle says, vs. the winery notes that indicate 12.5% (I’d like clarification on THAT point, as well), I’d say the RS is pretty low.

This is a juicy lip-smacking Viognier. I’m so glad it didn’t suffer the oak barrel. I’d like to know when malo was stopped, too… I don’t think it was complete.

Nose continues to evolve. Now showing more fruit, less biscuit.

Anyway, I love me some good Viognier in this fresh style. If I hadn’t received a sample, I’d probably be in for 1. But now I’m in for 3. There’s still a lot of summer left here in coastal TX. Dry roses and fruity, unoaked, juicy viogniers that aren’t sweet… my favorites.

Thank you, PTB, for the singleton box with the plain brown liner and nothing but a bottle of wine inside that is just my style.

And I’m also having it for dinner… lobster is on sale so cheap that I almost feel sorry for the lobstermen in Maine. What a coincidence.

I am in. Cort?