REPEAT Products -

Every few weeks I find WOOT is constantly PUSHING REPEAT PRODUCTS that apparently didn’t sell out the first time, or 2nd, 4th or 6th +.

When the product didn’t sell on that WOOT DAY, they list the same product as a WOOT WEEK feature and when it STILL DOESN’T SELL OUT, they keep BRINGING IT BACK weeks later…

HEY WOOT !!! If it DIDN’T SELL OUT the first day or even the first time listed as a WOOT WEEK, Why do you keep RE-LISTING IT EVERY few WEEKS AT THE SAME $. I feel like I am watching a bad Soap Opera. I can avoid WOOT for weeks or even months and visit the site to see YET THE SAME PRODUCTS FROM LAST MONTH… WHAT! Lacking NEW PRODUCTS FOR SALE…

Hi ya.

Good feedback and it’s something we do try to watch even though it doesn’t look like it sometimes.

In some cases, we get a killer deal only if it’s a “Take All”. In those cases, it can take a bit to work through inventory.

Then there’s the times when we sell out of an item every stinking time and then suddenly, y’all stop buying it. Y’all confuse us quite a bit.

I’ll pass your feedback on. Thanks for taking the time to post.

I have gotten three coworkers to buy the Leak Frogs, thanks to REPEATING THE SALE.

I got one coworker to buy one of those square wall heaters, thanks to REPEATING THE SALE.

I bought a second Roomba, thanks to REPEATING THE SALE.

If woot never REPEATED ANYTHING, there are lots of us who would be completely out of luck forever and for all time.

“Just keepin’ it real, yo…”



or they could just not put anything up for that day.

I have been waiting for a REPEAT SALE on Yak Tracks and on Used Automobile Parts Wine and probably some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

Keep hope alive…

Thank you for repeat sales on stickers. I’ve often missed the initial sale, but was able to purchase thanks to re-sales.

Here’s another vote in favor of repeat sales.
Sometimes I miss something, or can’t afford it at the moment…

I’m fine with repeat sales, but, what I’m not ok with, is when the price on an item NEVER drops, no matter how many times it is put up. Any brick and mortar bargain bin I go to has their “sellout” area where the things that reached the end of their shelf life go to be sold at a reduced price (yes, even more reduced than the regular reduced price) I don’t see that here, when an item shows previous times the item was available, it is almost always the same exact price on each past event. and, to make things worse, I found some evidence that the lil motorcycles for sale on kids.woot right now, sold a bit over a year ago for $48.99… but, today they are $52.99… huh? Inflation?