Repeated SOLD OUT deals

Just putting this here…maybe some others have been expericing this too.


Why do you continue to send me 3 or four Deal per week that are already sold out OR SOLD OUT within 8-10 mins of the email being received by me. ARE the quantities so stupid small that they sell out in minutes or do you guys have too many crazy-deal hungry buyers.

PLEASE improve my “customer experience” by having more stuff to sell when sending out a sale…it is happening over and over TOO MUCH. I am ready to unsubscribe as your DEALS are just already sold out 50% of the time…(Maybe you guys are staggering the sends…? If yeah that sucks)

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Hi there! If you’re talking about the Camping email. looks like we goofed yet again. We’re working on getting things going.

We’ll be looking for someone to shake our finger at.

I bet it’s @wajeremy’s fault. He probably did it on purpose to distract us from the janky Woot app.

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I thought that was normal and how things work around here?

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Seems to be. Sigh.

We will still be


I like it.

Woot is like a yard sale. Sure, sometimes the neighbors are selling a punch bowl for $2 and Woot’s is $3 but rumor has it there’s been a turd in that $2 punch bowl.

At least with Woot and @wajeremy you KNOW there’s been a turd in that $3 punch bowl.

Knowledge is priceless.