Replace The Stuff That Cleans You

When can we expect the toothbrushes to be added to the Moofi open box sale?

I bought these imitation Oral B replacement heads a couple of Woots ago. The quality is just not there. Some work – for a while, then stop working. So make no connection, at all, to the toothbrush motor.

The genuine Oral B replacements cost much more, but they work.

I do NOT recommend the “compatible” replacement toothbrush heads. You may think that you are saving money, but they are terrible and are nothing like the real deal. The bristles are thicker and do not allow for a good in-between brushing and the insides of the head are weak and break, not allowing the brush the spin any more. I bought many sets thinking that I was being a smart consumer but I was wrong.
There is no value in buying these.

Do not buy the tooth brush replacements. They are the lowest quality junk. They will stop working within a day or two or not work at all. Also the bristles will come out and stick between your teeth. Spend the extra money and buy the original replacements. May cost more but will work and last longer.

+1 DO NOT BUY the knock-off toothbrush heads. They are crap, even if they do work - they last 1/2 as long as the regular ones and do a poor job of cleaning while they work

I got some of the Venus compatible cartridges. They last maybe one use on both legs, then they’re worthless (unless, you know, you like iffy shaving jobs with razor burn). I didn’t even use them all before I went back to buying the real thing. You’d get a better shave from disposable Bics.

Don’t buy the Sonicare COMPATIBLE brush heads. They don’t clean like the real thing. I brushed right before going to the dentist for a cleaning, and the hygienist told me to do a better job as there was plaque on my teeth. She normally praises me for my extraordinary job of tooth and gum care. BEWARE! of this knock-off junk!

Absoluely avoid the mach 3 blade likes the plague. These do connect just fine to a mach 3 head, but they’re NOT mach 3 quality. They will make you look like a scaly reptilian creature.

Yup I concur with the others about the Venus compatible razors. They are not worth buying. I only got 1 use out of them and it was still like using the dullest razor ever and they hurt. I ended up just tossing out the remaining blades and bought the real deal. I do not recommend getting these. you are really throwing your money away.

Watch out! This knock-off stuff is complete junk!

If you want decent Sonicare compatible brush heads then buy these:

what a sale, every single comment says AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

seriously, if you want cheap razors that are nicer than the expensive ones dorcousa is unbeatable. mens, womens, even safety razors. all amazingly good for the price. stock up.

Anyone have any experience with the Clarisonic heads? I never see any complaints/advice about those (from woot) on here. Just curious.


Generic Sonicare replacement heads = crap! I’ve bought the generic ones (which look almost exactly like these) from Target and Amazon and they both sucked. When you turn on the brush, it’s like brushing your teeth with a jackhammer - loud, uncomfortable and ineffective. Come on Woot, quit trying to sell us crap that doesn’t sell on Amazon!

These razor cartridges are the absolute worst. I threw them out as they were so dull and destroyed my face. Really shocked Woot would sell these and associate the brand name Gillette to them. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Gillette GVNS-500 Venus Compatible Replacement Cartridges - 8 Pack razors are TERRIBLE!!! Complete waste of money. Couldn’t even get one good shave out of them.

The shaft inside this head cannot take the torque generated by the motor. In the last 3 days, I have had to throw away 2 heads due to the plastic shaft snapping. I have had only one out of the last 3 packs last until it needed to be replaced.

Well I feel like a total dumbo not checking the comments section before excitedly ordering my 12-pack of Oral-B heads. Got them today, couldn’t be more disappointed in myself; I should have known the price was WAY too good to be true. But gosh, I think it’s also fair to say that the naming and description of the product listing only has “compatible” to HINT that this is a knock-off product, and a very cheap looking one at that. So now I’m stuck with 12 of these heads that I’ll never use. Genuine Oral-B heads are hell expensive, but the quality is there–learned my lesson!

Do not buy i have had them for a week and two have broken and will not spin.