Replace Your Groomery

The brush heads are crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!

Are these soft-bristled? Medium? Hard?

The “Mach 3” blades are awful awful per the husband. Very dull. Purchased previously, sad to see Woot still selling them (we had let customer service know)

Anyone ever used the Clarisonic CC1K Compatible Replacement Brushes?

Do they fit well or are they going to go spinning off into my eye when I use one? I’m using the original Mia, btw. Thanks!

I got the “floss” brush heads last time - they are brutally hard compared to the name brand.

I didn’t buy these, but the ones I got from Groupon were not good. The bristles didn’t rotate, they just buzzed so they were not useful.

Thanks for the feedback!

The deal on the Gillette Venus is great! I was in Sams Club Friday and a 6 pack was almost 40.00. There isn’t a better deal on Amazon either.

Don’t bother buying these third party, Oral-B compatibles (bought 3 sets of the “Precision”…really). As cited by one poster here, it just buzzes and fitment on your Oral B is lousy at best. A very awful attempt, of a “knock off” Oral B brush heads.

Do not buy the brushes. No experience with the blades.

I bought one of the brushhead packs last time. Maybe I’m the odd person out (I have only used two of like, 16 so far), but they’re working fine for me. I bought the “Floss Action” variety.

On a side note, I rather enjoyed they were labeled in German. - “Zahnbuerstenaufsaetze” is a fun word for me to say.

Anyone try the Sonicare brushes?

DO NOT BUY THIS GENERIC POS, Seems like false advertising to me and woot will not accept returns.

as others have said - the oral B brushes are complete and utter crap, buying them is a waste of money. I purchased 36 of these brushes (3 12 packs) - my first brush worked great for 3 months - I replaced it and it immediatly broke - I thought oh well - cheap - the next one broke after 2 uses, replaced…replaced replaced. I would get maybe 1/2 a toothbrushing out of each brush after that first “good one”

Stay away from the Oral B brushes. They are junk…junk…junk!!! They quit spinning after 4-5 uses. I bought three packs which would be over a year’s supply and they lasted about three months. The brush quits spinning and I has several to not spin at all. The packaging appeared to be German. Yet Woot continues listing this junk after all the negative feedback.

Woot, why do you keep bringing back these products that just don’t work? For many months now, I’ve seen one negative review after another telling people not to buy every time these products are offered. There inevitably are people who do buy and then complain about their purchases. I was duped once and hate to see others being duped. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STUFF AND GET THE REAL THING! You’ll have less regrets.

I bought a few packages of these toothbrush head replacements a couple times ago and was extremely disappointed in the quality. Please do not buy these, you’ll regret it.

Yeah, it might be if they were “Gillette”, but they aren’t.

The Sonicare brushes are great, but stay away from the Mach3 replacement razors!!! Prepare for a rough shave if you buy them, it feels more like the hairs are being pulled out than being cut. I have a number of these left so I thought about donating them to Goodwill, but I’m pretty sure they would discard them after the first use. I’m a little disappointed Woot keeps putting these back up for sale, obviously they haven’t tried them out.