Replacement Parts, For A Song

The Oral-b Replacement heads are terrible. The actual head slides off the handle with very little leverage being applied. If you are in the middle off moving the handle you will STAB yourself in the cheek. In addition the oscillating mechanism will break with 2-3 minutes of use leaving you with a non-functioning unit. We SHOULD get our money back for this CRAP!!!

I bought the Oral-B Precision compatible heads last time they were on sale. After 2 uses the first heads oscillating mechanism broke, the 2nd one has been holding up but they are very tight fits so difficult to attach and detach.

I would say avoid them and just get the read deal, I don’t expect they will last me as long as the official replacement heads do.

Every single thing about all of these replacements sucks. The razors are awesome of you’d like to just remove your skin completely. The toothbrush things don’t stay on.

Just go with a tree branch on your teeth and a pocket knife for shaving. More effective all around.

My fiance started using Dollar Shave club and loves it. He says the shave butter is great and the razers are reall sharp.

They should replace the names of each item with synonyms for crap because thats what they all are. I Purchased the mach 3 and venus razors as well as SoniCare replacement brushes and they are pure junk.

I bought the FLOSS ACTION 12Pk Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads - wish I never did.

I tried one, brushed for 2 minutes and it broke - it stopped spinning. Thought maybe it was a fluke so I replaced it with another - and that one broke too. I figure I bought a 12 day supply… not a bargain at all, just a cheap imitation that doesn’t last.

Woot, stop selling this crap!

The last time WOOT had this, I bought the PRECISION 12Pk Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads.

The heads fit my Oral-B toothbrush, but that is all they do. They do not move or even vibrate, and they feel cheaply made.

Advice: AVOID this sale! It’s a waste of money and most frustrating for your teeth.

Save your money and stay away from these blades. I’d gotten a closer more comfortable shave with a rusty piece of barbed wire.

Are these similar to the one’s Walmart sells…and wear out in a week or two?

No, the ones at Wal-Mart are better. These are worn out when you receive them.

They should put these in BOC’s then you really could say you got a bag of crap…

Bought the Oral-B Precision and broke 4 of them in the first 4 days. One has been working for a week. Don’t bother buying them, they break really easily and are just disappointed.
As for the blades, I purchase mine from Dorco USA, they are the exact same blades that Dollar Shave Club uses, but you don’t have to subscribe.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but the razors are pretty much prison shanks that can attach to your Venus razor. We bought them last time and will never again.

If the woot staff doesn’t believe me they should try it on their own legs.

I fing HATE Woot now. I bought the razors last time and they are crap! I used to love the stuff i bought on woot but in the last year or two everything i got was either total crap or broken so i never got to find out if it was total crap. WOOT must be under new management. I just come on every now and then to see if things have changed. But same old razors, same old crap Im out!

Worst investments since those crappy backwards razors they kept dropping the price on.
Floss action brushes have the rubber parts get lodged in teeth, ARG! In some cases you do get what you pay for.
As for Razor blades I’m stuck on great razors and a great price, Korean made and as they say, we can afford to sell at this price because our name isn’t on the side of a sports stadium. Multiple numbers of blades to fit your face.

Anyone know anything about that snoring mouthpiece? My snoring drives my wife nuts, and I can’t find any reliable reviews on if that thing actually helps.

The Mach 3 compatible razor heads are AWFUL. I too didn’t realize they were knock off’s until after purchasing…then I read the reviews and thought, surely they can’t be that bad. Sadly, I was wrong. Worst razors ever. I’d rather try to burn the hair off my legs then use these awful things. I bought 3 packs…and they are going in the garbage.

I have to agree. They used to have good deals on quality stuff until Amazon took over. Now they just sell mostly items that are proven to be junk. Seeing them put these razors on here again after how horrible they are makes me second guess ever buying from woot again. Not sure they care about quality.

Avoid Avoid. Bought something like these at dealfinder … Crap

The exact same thing happened to me. I wish I had read these comments before i bought them. Within the first 2 minutes one of these compatible oral B heads stopped working. The inner mechanism is loose and I can’t access it. First bad experience with woot.

I never comment on anything and have always trusted Woot, but the Mach3 replacement blades and the Sonicare replacement heads are both horrible. The blades were dull right out of the package. The pivot on the blade head sticks in one position. The Sonicare replacement heads don’t stay seated on the toothbrush. they keep falling off.

I am disappointed that Woot got 2 strikes on one order.