Replacement Parts For Cleanery Things

I Almost bought the Mach 3 cartridges, but then I realized that they are only “compatible”. I seem to remember that there was a similar deal before and people were not happy with the quality.

Bought the brush head replacements for the oral B and they were almost worthless. 1/2 of them break after a couple of uses. I thought it was a good deal but better to stick with the originals.

So are these officially NOT the Gillette brand cartridges?

I almost just bought the Venus ones until “compatible” sunk in… hrm, no wonder it’s such a good price.

I bought some ‘compatible’ blades because it was a great deal. Now I’ve stocked up on REAL Mach 3 blades.

The Oral B replacement heads suck, the bristles are not rounded, they are SHARP and will cut your gums, Get the original Oral B ones at Walmart.

Yeah, previous sales are full of complaints about the “compatible” knock-offs.

Well crap, I bought them times 2, guess I can kiss that money goodbye if they are as crappy as the people who have gotten them say, but there was no feedback when I hit the buy button.


Got them today and realized the “compatible” caveat. Not so happy. I have bought real Mach 3’s from other sites and thought I was getting the same deal. Need to read all the print.

Misleading and not very happy. I ordered the replacement Sonicare toothbrush heads, thought I was getting a heck of a deal since the picture showed a pic of what looks like 8 OEM heads. got the package today and they look like some cheap knock off. THEN I see the “compatible” in the description of the Woot deal. I have yet to try them out but not impressed at first glace.

Regarding the Philips replacement brushes; I missed reading the word ‘compatible’ and would not have ordered them as I prefer the OEM quality and not these cheap knock offs. My fault but BOO! on WOOT! for not stating this more clearly. I won’t make this mistake again.

I bought TWO SETS of these “Oral B replacement cartridges” since we have four users and two brushes.

THEY ARE MOSTLY GARBAGE. Opened one of the two packs and 2 of the first 4 heads WERE DEAD (did not oscillate). All of them fit tight on our Oral B brushes, and one DIED (stopped oscillating) after about 4 days use.

Can we complain to get a refund for junk that just dies after a couple uses??

I just tried out the “Mach 3 compatible” razor cartridge…now I’m looking for a first aid kit. These things are horrible. I feel like I just shaved with a cheese grater.

Regarding the “compatible” Sonicare brushes - I might find a use for these if I ever relegate my brush to cleaning grout or for some other function unrelated to dental hygiene. It’s evident that these were made in some third world country where production sanitation wasn’t a priority.

What ticks me off is that the packaging is a clear indicator that these are crap - and naturally, the packaging wasn’t shown.

C’mon Woot, since when are you pushing Harbor Freight rejects??