Replacement Parts For Cleanery Things

Will the Clarisonic brushes work with Mia 3?

The Oral B toothbrush head are pieces of crap. The head will not spin or quit spinning after 2-3 uses. The package was written in German and the last time Woot had these listed everyone complained about the poor quality. Woot, please quit selling this junk that does not work.

I have the Philips sonicare E series, will the heads fit?

The features show what Sonicare it’s compatible with.

Do NOT waste money on “compatible” razor blades. They are NOT compatible with your skin. 'Nuf said.

I bought the 12Pk Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads and I will say not to get them. they are very poorly made. I have had about 4 in a row break and stop moving while brushing my teeth in one morning. I bought the real ones from a store near my house and I am still on the first one. The real ones cost way more but at least they don’t break over and over trying to brush your teeth.

No they will not work with the E Series. They dont have the base for it.

As a side note I have tried generics with the E Series from elsewhere and they didnt vibrate well with base… You kinda have to get OEM with the E series.

Has anyone used the razor sharpener? I think of buying it every time, but would like to know if it works for anybody…thanks!

agreed these are a waste of money - Total and utter crap - 95% of them broke on the very first use. JUNK…do not waste any money on these

This was my experience as well.

Got the ProResults heads for my Flexcare. Are those decent or also crap? Figured it was worth a shot on at 1/5 the cost.

These blades are pretty bad - the ‘floating’ head clicks back and forth, the first blade didn’t make it through the second day (I get a week with a real blade), and they only sent 4 instead of 8 although I probably won’t use the other 4 if they send them. Total generic packaging. Not even a UPC.