Replacement Parts For Cleanery Things

If these are the same INCREDIBLY AWFUL German oral b replacement brushes they have sold in the past - I can not iterate enough DO NOT BUY. Every time they post these I will say the same thing - they are total junk and if you get through a single toothbrushing without them breaking you will be lucky.

I recall many comments saying these are junk.

I bought the Floss Action brushes last time. They’ve worked great for the two of us. They’re well made and actually look like they came off the same assembly line as the original Oral-B.

I’m wondering if the replacement “compatible” razors or sonicare head are any good. Has anyone tried them?

I can say the sonicare ones are junk. 2 out of 5 did not “sonic” properly

I bought the Oral-B Precision-compatible brushheads and Mach3-compatible blades a while back. Of the dozen brushheads, only one came close to delivering the lifetime it should have. With most, the mechanism would break and the bristles would stop agitating within a week or two. The razor blades didn’t fare much better, with weak springs behind the blades that would get distorted so that the blades wouldn’t line up properly.

I still have stubble on my legs after 1 use. With regular Venus no stubble after many uses!

Unfortunate :frowning: Thanks for the help! I hope others read the comments before buying.

Bad experience all around, thanks for the heads up!

Good to know. My spouse was interested in the Venus compatible ones because of the price. Guess the price is low for a reason.

I bought some Chinese copies of these a couple of years ago and they were crap. It was through DealFinder who was useless for helping.

I sure hope Woot has done some research.

Ditto, plus the bristles kept falling out.

The oral B replacement floss head brushes were terrible when I purchased TWO sets time before last.
In the first pack 1 of 3 moved for more than one day and half of those had a really high resistence and drug the brush motor speed way down. Buying a ‘replacement’ non-brand product like these should be done where you can return them easily if they’re doggy.

I bought the Sonicare brushes the last time they had them (these exact same brushes). They are different from the “real” brushes, but they work perfectly well. The brush section is a bit narrower and a bit longer, but they seem to be equally as stiff. They fit just like the “real” brushes, and seem to be just as sturdy. They are worth a try, IMO

I too can not say LOUD enough do not buy. You will be terribly disappointed.

I bought the PRO BRIGHT 12Pk Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads.
They are terrible. Will not stay on the head. DO NOT BUY!!!

I got this 8-Pack Gillette Mach3 GMCH-500 Compatible Cartridges…total crap. Please get the original Cartridges from anywhere else. This is a total ripoff.
*Note: I generally dont leave comments but this is my first post. It is that bad.

Are the replacement bristles soft/med???

Don’t buy these compatible replacement toothbrushes or razors. They are really really awful. Warning, Danger, danger, Wil Robinson…

Well, if you iterate more than once you are reiterating.

I bought the Sonicare brushes before too. I used one for 3 months and it worked just as well as a name brand brush. I’m now on my second generic brush and it’s working just as well as the first. I have a few years worth of generic brushes now. I’m very happy with the Sonicare brushes here.