Replacement Parts For Self-Groomin' Stuff

Bought several of the Gillette Venus and Mach3 “Compatible” razor blades a while ago. And while the blades fit on those razors, I believe they were the misfit blades that the factory never sharpened. We tossed all of them after going to the ER for skin grafts after using them once.

As for the SoniCare “Compatible” toothbrushes, they work if you don’t mind drilling out the hole on the bottom of them so they actually fit the SoniCare toothbrush.

In a nutshell, Woot! should fill paper bags with these things and sell them for $3.00…

Isn’t it amazing that blades, etc., are so expensive that there have to be knock-offs?

I’m just wild about Harry’s. I won’t say more, as I don’t want to sound like an ad.

I concur about Harry’s! Reasonable price for a quality product.


The sonicare knock-offs are complete crap.

You will go through them much faster than the regular head and they do not even get your teeth clean.


The Oral-B “compatible” brushheads are complete junk. They last 3-5 uses at most before they stop spinning.

I tried out the Mach 3 compatible blades last week. Shaving with a shard of broken glass would be a preferable experience. These are terrible. Don’t let the cheap price suck you in.

Watch out! If you have Sonicare tooth brush and you think these replacements will fit, you are dead and tragically wrong. I still have some from a time long, long ago when these were offered by woot. I now use them to clean my shoes…

DO NOT BUY THE ORAL B FLOSS BRUSH REPLACEMENT HEADS. Either they don’t move on the first use or they do but the mechanism is so poor it grossly slows the brush down. Then after two or three days, the clunky ones totally fail.


Whoo hoo! Woot hits another one outa the park!

Listen to this person. These knockoffs are terrible!

Please heed my cry (from the pain my face is feeling right now) and STAY AWAY FROM THESE KNOCK-OFF MACH 3 BLADES! You MIGHT get 1 ‘decent’ shave out of each head (and by decent, I mean it feels about as rough as a disposable BIC blade you get from a hotel that are designed for exactly 1 use before it starts ripping chunks of flesh off your chin when shaving), then it is so dull they become completely useless. Even the shortest stubble becomes an impenetrable force against these terrible razors. I can easily get 10+ shaves out of the name-brand Mach 3 blades (which without doing the actual math saves you a lot of money in the long run). Learn from my mistake and DON’T BUY!

Heed all the warnings about the sonic care replacement brush heads. They are inferior quality and must be avoided. Buy the original.

Listen to the others about how bad these blades are. They are terrible and cutting your whiskers with a jagged butter knife is probably more comfortable. This was the first purchase from Woot I wanted to send back back but they did not offer to refund my money. Total RIP OFF. Harry’s offers way better razors for way less money -

The Oral B knock offs are junk. Every time I put a head on the brush and use it once it breaks. The spring inside will sometimes push out the little hole in the side of the brush as you slide it on the power unit. Would not recommend.

Oh boy…here we go again. Can’t believe w00t is still trying to pawn these off. For shame!!!

Hmm… Not familiar with Harry’s blades. I’ve been using Dollar Shave Club’s blades now for a year and at $6 a month for 4 blades and a free handle I’ve been extremely happy with them. They last longer for me than the Mach 3 for me and shave closer for a lot less.

Save yourself some money and buy the blades direct from Dorco. Dollar Shave Club just repackages the same blades. I bought a starter package for 25 bucks when I couldn’t find my electric shaver’s charger. I go back and forth and have enough blades to last me the next 10 years.

I have a love/hate relationship with woot! And it is very quickly becoming much hate precisely because of “deals” like this and because of prices that with increasingly regularity can readily be beaten elsewhere. While I still buy things here, woot! is simply no longer anything even resembling the woot! of old and is simply one more merchandise site among thousands, mostly with clearance junk from Amazon, seen over and over and over again. Read the comments above and prior similar comments and just stop selling this low quality knock-off junk, woot!

Interesting. I’m currently trying out the “Maxgate” generic replacement brushes from the mothership. They are marketed as “Proresults compatible”

The Maxgate ones fit perfectly and the only difference I’ve noticed is that they are a bit softer than the originals but they seem to work fine. I can’t speak for their longevity yet but I’m keeping track.

Does anyone know if the Maxgate brushes are the same thing as the ones offered here?