Replacements Parts 4 Bathroom Stuff

I am trying to order the deep pores ones for my GF but it continues to load after I hit add to cart :(. Please help me woot.

Mee too. Must be a woot broke thing.

Do these work on the Mia 2?

Hmm… I am having the same error too! It just keeps on trying to load, but then says my cart is empty.

good question actually! UGH

My girlfriend says they are all the same :slight_smile:

Tried to buy 1 set of toothbrush heads, got this:

Hey, you can only buy 10 of these.
Leave some for the rest of us!
Update the quantity in your cart.

And my cart is not available.


Sign out and then sign in again. Worked for me.

I’m so sorry, stuff is whack right now, but we’re working on it. Please come back and try again later!

i’m curious as to how they think 8 blades will last 2 years…

Most of the compatible (generic) Sonicare brushes don’t have very good reviews on Amazon, bristles softer, falling out and poorly cut. May not be the same manufacturer but a generic 8-pack is $2 more but with free Prime shipping, so it can work out to be a bit cheaper than the deal here. I’m staying with the originals.

Cartridges is spelled wrong…numerous times…

Shucks. I was hoping for more “Remington, King of Shaves” blades. Love those things.

I use the Gillette Mach 3 and Fusion blades (have a supply of each). Kept rinsed during and after a shave and dry in between shaves, I can get 3-4 months from a cartridge and I have a thick facial hair that needs daily shaving. I once got 6 months before the blade started to pull or irritate - though this was out of the norm for me.

Are these Mach 3 blades also compatible with the Mach 3 Turbo razor??

Woot should get a REAL shaving sale. Get safety razors, replacement blades, shaving brushes, shaving bowls & mugs, shaving soaps, shaving creams, cut-throat razors, stropping leathers, pre-shave oils, after shave lotions, etc…

Oh, and stands, too. You have to have something to hang your shaving brush up to dry on, bristles down. Just setting it on the vanity, bristles up, to dry will ruin it.

Well, that may be. But these aren’t Gillette blades. They are COMPATIBLE with the Gillette razors–big difference.

I once bought a major-drug-store brand “Compare to Gillette Custom Plus Pivot” by mistake (right next to the real ones, same color package). Horrid. They’d shave, but it felt like my Custom Plus Pivot (my fave razor) when it was about ready to be thrown out.

There is a huge difference between good blades and knockoffs. I shave my head every 2 days, and I barely got 2 uses out of them. Didn’t even finish the pack.

Just sayin’.

Any idea on how compatible the Clarisonic brushes are? I got some of a groupon once that my clarisonic didn’t seem to recognize the same way. It made different beeping noises than it usually did and didn’t spin quite right.

It’s great,other website is $25 per.