Replenishment Kit for iRobot Roomba

Replenishment Kit for iRobot Roomba

Anyone got experience with the the 960 series? Mine was a dud from a local buyer. I feel like I’ve tried everything to get this thing to power on but won’t take charge or response to anything.

Sometimes, because dog hair, the entire dirt storage area and filter has to be vacuumed clean so that the robot sensor detects all the parts are closed and the storage is empty. Seems to be self defeating but then the little warrior does it’s job valiantly until the dust and dander clog up the sensors again. Usually happens if we haven’t run it in a while.

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Check the charging contacts on the charging base and bottom of your roomba. If it’s not taking a charge they could be dirty. Rubbing a pencil eraser on the contacts can clean them, so can a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Unplug the base first before cleaning.

It could be the battery too, see if you can find a local owner of a model with a compatible battery to do a quick test. Several models share this battery size. You could buy a new battery online, but it may not be returnable if the new battery doesn’t solve your problem. Cheap ones run $42, iRobot brand run $80+. Good luck! the 960 is good when it works.