Stiluk35, do you reprint any of your products?

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Hey there. I stumbled across this. Looks like your mention didn’t take - if you want Stiluk35 to be flagged to check this thread, add a new reply and add the @ symbol to his username like @dafrogman

That being said, I believe you can get almost any shirt printed to order as long as it’s in the catalog (i.e. artists do not manage reprints). Only exception is anything with that elusive glow in the dark ink.

There are 161 shirts in the catalog by Stiluk35:

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And don’t forget that on Friday July 2 catalogue shirts will be $10 with code DERBY .


Indeed! Even mine! (Shameless self-promotion for the win)

(There’s 5 designs of mine missing from my catalog search though)
They can be found here:

Hawaiian Bounty:

White Wolf Rehabilitation: White Wolf Rehabilitation

Join Today: Join Today

Bernie’s Aura: Bernie's Aura

The Wolveross: The Wolveross

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