Reproductions vs Original Quality Concerns

So recently I ordered a bunch of reprints of shirts I’d previously owned but on smaller size shirts. At first, I noticed that the colors on some of the shirts looked a bit different than I remembered them looking, but I couldn’t really put my finger on else was wrong. It wasn’t until today as I was sorting through my old shirts that it became clear just how different these reproductions are from the originals.

In some cases, the artwork is now squished or stretched in a way that alters the character of the shirt, and the artwork doesn’t cover as much of the shirt. I suppose this is in line with the new guidelines introduced last year, but what struck me the most was just how bad the color reproduction truly is on the new shirts vs. the old ones.

Below are photos of the reproductions (on the left) vs. the originals (on the right). I think it’s pretty clear just how poorly the DTG printing process does with older designs, and I wonder if Woot! can do something more with these files to improve how they look.

If I was the artist who had created these designs, I would be really annoyed because Woot! was taking liberties with my artwork. As a consumer, I’m disappointed because what I got doesn’t match what I see in the catalog and thought I was getting.

If you want to look at full-size versions, I created a gallery in Google Photos for you:

Links to the shirts in the catalog:


Still no response from Woot! on this. Artists, do you get proofs of your shirts after they go to print? The color reproduction is nowhere near what it used to be and the prints look awful compared to your art on the site.

Hello thedoc31,

Very sorry for the delayed response. I am looking into these designs you pointed out above and fix the sizing and squished issues. I will also work on the colors of these designs to get them as close as we can do their screen printed counterparts.

Thank you @cbrumfie! Once resolved, I would love to see the difference and compare them side-by-side with the reprints I recently purchased. I am happy to post the results here.