Republicans Use Back Door

You don’t offer one for other political groups? That seems a bit rude.

Yea, where is the one for Democrats? Or did that one already sell out?

It’s clever because Democrats don’t own houses to have back doors.

Disclaimer: I’m not Republican but live in a fiercely red state, in an ignored blue county no less. Oh, and I do own a house, but our doormat says “The neighbors have better stuff” because crime is fairly high.

I too was considering purchasing one of the others, until I saw this…

… and not the other.

Yeah… and when they only have “Dallas cowboys seat cushions”… do you assume they are picking sides then too?
Relax people… it’s what they have… geez

Poor analogy. A.sports team is just a sports team. They are not as important as one of the two ruling political parties. This is something they recently learned.

They do have one for the other side:

Hippies use the back door…