Request Developer API Key

I love woot and everything about it. But, I need more woot. Can I have a woot API key please?

I’d like a developer key.

What is an api key?

I would love a chance to integrate woot into our website. Developer API key? Thanks.

An API Key is Woot’s way of recognizing users and usage of our API that is used by developers! You need it to interface with our API as a developer.

All requests above this post have been responded to :crazy_face:

Yassss API Key me poppie

All Requests above this post have been responded to

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Please send me API key, thank you

Please provide me an API key. Thank you in advance.

before I say I would love to have a key I want to know where it goes to

I’d like an API key please!!!

I would like to get a Developer Key as well!