Research on online buying behavior


Hi there, we’re a group of 3 students, studying at Lund University in Sweden. We are currently doing our Master thesis about online buying behavior, and part of our research consists of an online questionnaire. That’s why we want to ask you for your help. Please fill in the questionnaire found below, which will only take about 4-5 minutes to complete. All help will be greatly appreciated! Of course comments and/or (constructive) criticism are also welcome.


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Thanks for your time!


Is anyone doing this, or is it dangerous?


i wouldn’t trust it. better safe…


I never trust gmail accounts . . . if they’re grad students from Lund University, why don’t they have a University email account?


Kaching! Good point.


Possibly they do, but want to remain somewhat anonymous, just like most people here on woot.

The hosting site for the survey,, is apparently owned by Survey Analytics, and is “accredited” by the BBB, whatever that means.


Remain somewhat anonymous? They’ve identified themselves as grad students . . . how hard to get a bucket email account?!?


Survey Analytics is in Seattle. Not quite the same as Sweden. Feel free to correct my assumptions.


No, your assumptions are all correct. Survey Analytics’s business is to perform surveys for others.


Pretty easy, since anyone can get one on gmail. There’s no need to get one on the university system.


That explains it. Thanks. You suppose they don’t have any companies like that in Sweden?


Actually, Lady Poof, I’m not sure that Sweden does anything other than export blondes.

I don’t mean to certify that the survey is legitimate, only that its legitimacy is not entirely implausible.


gmail doesn’t lend much legitimacy to the request . . . A non-university hosted survey from self-proclaimed students offering a non-university e-mail address as a venue for survey correspondence . . .

And their English is superb!!!


My own (admittedly limited) experience with college system admins is that they are a surly lot, especially when dealing with students. YMMV. Getting a gmail account could be a lot more pleasant than getting a sysadmin to set up a new account.


For a presumably department-sanctioned thesis?!?


<shrug> IMO using gmail lends neither legitimacy nor illegitimacy. If they don’t already have a survey server set up, why not contract it out? The surveying company itself appears to be a real surveying company. Contracting it out lends neither legitimacy nor illegitimacy. I’m just saying that the information presented so far seems neutral to me, rather than simply negative.


The sysadmins don’t care about student theses. Probably very little of their evaluations are tied to graduation rates.


Have you taken the survey?

We’ve posted numerous responses here . . . not so very long after the thread was posted . . . why no feedback from the authors?


I’ve actually been told by someone still in school that their university uses gmail. so it’s not impossible that it is the school email. then again, every school email account I’ve ever had used part of my name plus some randomly assigned letters or numbers.


Yes, [disclaimer]but I’m no Internet wizard, so that’s no guarantee of safety for others[/disclaimer].

Mabe they’re out partying? They are supposedly in Europe.