ReServe Premium Wine Preserver

ReServe Premium Wine Preserver
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Condition: Preserved
1 Wine Innovation ReServe Premium Wine Preserver
3 Additional Argon Gas Cartridges

here’s the product website

Why would you want to displace the air from your wine bottle with expensive noble gasses?

I have to ask the question. Anybody have these? Does it work 99.999999999% of the time? For $64.99 it better work.

I fail to see how it can displace all the oxygen in the bottle while not accidentally pushing out a little argon too, before it completely seals the bottle.

Ok, now how easy is it to find replacement Argon Gas Cartridges? I wouldn’t even know the first place to look?

Oxygen = bad. Argon = inert.

Someone has this preserver in his sig. Who is it? Start telling us about it!

Oxygen causes the wine to oxidize and turn to vinegar and generally taste awful.

I saw one that pumped Gold Gas (my dad’s mig welder uses gold gas) into the bottle, an argon/co2 blend.

Welding supply, but the bottles will be much larger :wink:

Well this seems like a lovely item… for someone else. Wine is for enjoying - like life. I would rather share four bottles of $10 wine with a bunch of friends than raise my pinky and swirl one bottle of $40 wine.

Very easy go here:

I’ve seen preservation methods discussed on the boards. This should turn into the best of the bunch with real money on the line and all.

The real question: does WD swear by it? That carries a lot of weight around here.

Wait a second, I thought we were buying wine to drink. Now you want me to preserve it?

A wine cellar is one thing, but asking me to build a wine museum is taking it a step too far.

do not want

Hello Wooters!

This is Jonathan from Wine Innovations. We’re very excited to be introducing ReServe to this community. I’ll be checking in from time to time to answer your questions about ReServe and wine preservation in general.

  1. Short answer is “Yes, ReServe works!” Wine experts, including Anthony Dias Blue (Bon Appetit) and Nick Fauchald (Wine Spectator), have independently tested ReServe with still and sparkling wines. They found the wines to be in perfect condition even after 1 week (with daily tastings).

  2. For ReServe to work well, not ALL the oxygen needs to be displaced. The little oxygen that may remain in the bottle will be kept under pressure (ReServe safely pressurizes the bottle to 22 PSI) and the oxidation rate will be dramatically reduced. Enough so that a current release cab will still need 15-30 minutes to open after 1 week.

I have it in my sig and its terrific. I only use it on really high quality wines though. I use Vacuvin for the everyday drinkers.

Each cartridge is good for about 20 uses. Replacement cartridges are available from Wine Innovations directly:

Please be careful. ReServe uses ONLY cartridges made for Wine Innovations by iSi. These cartridges are guaranteed to contain 21ml of argon gas at 99.95% purity. Please do not try to use other types of cartridges with your ReServe regulators.

I’m calling BS on that one. Perhaps it will extend your enjoyment of a certain wine, but unless argon whippits make your tatsebuds more sensitive, I don’t believe for 1 second that this enhances the enjoyment of wine.

How ReServe has worked out great for me and my friends: I freely open whatever they want to drink knowing that I won’t waste a single glass from any of the opened bottles. I usually have a bottle of cab and a bottle of pinot open. If a visiting friend wants a chard instead, no problem, I’ll open a third bottle.

Customers tell us that ReServe has allowed them to enjoy their favorite wines now instead of “saving” their favorite wines for a yet-to-be-defined special occasion some time in the future when 3 other people who like that wine will be present. :slight_smile:

I know this doesnt relate to this wine.woot, but what is woot wage? Saw it on the monday deal.