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what size is the ball?

The price on the Reebok bumper plates is great! If only it were a 2" bore…

(it’s not–which the product page should probably say, too.)

Good question. It’s 55cm. We’re adding that to the sale.

Not a whole lot of info out there about the Flowform Pilates equipment, but here is a link including a long video all about it:

And here are a few comments from a recent prior woot!, including from a few who had received the product:

Does the balance ball come inflated or come with a pump, or does the customer need to already own a pump for use with the ball?


Under specs it says it comes with a hand pump.

To be fair, we just added that.


What size are the plates?
Olympic or Standard.

Please let me know.


Hahaha, thanks (both for adding it and defending me as a literate person).

Hey, that’s me! I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. As the saying goes, you get what you paid for. I suspect anyone who has been practicing Pilates for a while would scoff at this, but for anyone on the fence about trying something new this is a relatively inexpensive way to test the waters.

Can anybody find anything on the Yoga mat? I’m trying to find a new one myself, but I haven’t spotted a single review anywhere.

If you already have the shipping covered, throw in one of the purple Love bags. I have 2 of them and they are fantastic for throwing a few things in for an afternoon out, or putting my daughters swimsuit, towel and goggles in for a trip to the pool. They are sturdier than the usual cheap ones and have zipper pockets. I great deal for $4

I ordered it on January 14th for the same price and received it a few days ago. I should have waited, because mine did not come with a pump and now I don’t know how to inflate it. It looks sturdy–just very flat right now. :slight_smile:

This size is for heights 5’ to 5’5" which is good to know if you’re 5’9" like me :wink:

Did anybody else get their ball without the pump?

My ball arrived sans pump, sadly. Customer service says they have issued a refund for the ball (thought I haven’t seen any refund yet, I will wait patiently…). I’m bummed.