Resin Thermometer

Okay, I have a question about the thermometer. I had one that hung on my outdoor wall, on our porch. I could see it from the house. When it finally broke after about 25 years, I tried to get a new one. I bought several, in multiple price points. NONE OF THEM WOULD MEASURE A TEMPERATURE BELOW 30 DEGREES!

Naturally, I am very curious about this one. Will it measure below 30? Or is this a “warm weather” thermometer like the others I’ve purchased and returned in the past couple years. Please put one in your lunch room freezer and let me know! :slight_smile: I’m only half kidding…

Well, unfortunately, we don’t have a sample or I would stick it in a freezer for you.

What we have is this line in the features:

Measures temperatures from -60 to 120°F

I received the thermometer and I have great news! It WORKS! I put it in the freezer (today was too warm for a test)…and it passed with flying colors!

So thanks for the great thermometer, Woot!