but its FUTILE!!

I’d like it better if it said resistor.I don’t remember too many electronics shirts on here… I’d like to see more as electronics is a hobby of mine.

You’ll need current to have resistance!

I am aware that it has something to do with resistors, but I’m not exactly sure what the joke/message is.

The write-up stole most of the “best” puns!

Congrats, Sundbe10! You must be pretty amped about the print.

Woah, hitting the old school pretty hard tonight aren’t we woot?

Would you call this one a vintage woot?

As a non practicing electrical engineer (damn you economy!!), I approve.


I can resist anything but incorrectly quoting Oscar Wilde.

Happy birthday shirt.woot!

I expect a surge of buyers.

This is re-volting.

Wish this was green on black. ):

How many ohms of resistance are in this shirt?

Watt a shirt

I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist buying this.