resizing for design comp

when i resize my 16’x20’ to 600x600pixels it gets a extra colored pixels and doesnt look as good, is there something I shouldd be doing to prevent this? I havent noticed it in derby entries I look at

Are you ENLARGING it? If so, that is usually death to any detail. You always want to CREATE at least at 100% of final print size AND RESOLUTION(I assume you are creating in Photoshop or some other raster based program?). Are you upsampling the resolution(ex; 300 to 600 dpi)? Not gonna fly. If you are reducing, check the options at the bottom of the dialog box when resetting the size. There are several choices- one being: ‘Nearest Neighbor- preserve hard edges’. You might experiment with that or some of the other options.

first, i hope you meant 16"x20" at 300 dpi, not 16’x20’.
second, it’s hard for me to visualise what you mean by “extra coloured pixels.” could you post an example? don’t post a whole 4800x6000 px pic, just post a small piece of it. then post the 600x600 version, and point out what you see that you don’t like.