OK so does our little T-Rex friend really have no teeth on the front print of the hoodie? 'Cause Grandpa T-Rex just isn’t as cute…

I came here to comment on the same thing. I would buy at least one, probably two if they fixed that issue…

I already skipped out on buying this once before because of the no teeth dino on the front.

Where, oh where, is the love for the elderly T-Rex?


//passes info on to shirt team

//faints again

//UPDATES: Teeth have been added

//faints again

I would so get a few of these prints if they were on moisture wicking shirts. I can’t stand wearing cotton while working out.

So, you gave him dentures?

And only an upper set from the looks of it. How is he supposed to tear apart that tasty human? He can’t even gnaw on the bones with half a set. Poor Rex.

still picking on our elders, I see. Sigh.

Soooo, will he get a full set of teeth, upper and lower? I really would like to order this, but not until it’s fixed.

My husband has the Exercising Demons Tee

We really wanted to add print to it:

“Feel the BURN”

All correct now. Go ahead!

The picture shows that he still doesn’t have teeth on his lower jaw… I was waiting till that was fixed to order it.

I looked at the fixed pic from this end and I see upper teeth. Honestly, it’s so small on the front that I doubt they could fit lower teeth in there and not have the ink touch in places.

Yeah, I see upper teeth too. That was already discussed. I guess I won’t be ordering this, then. It would really bug me to see the dino on the front without all his teeth. How did he lose his teeth in the first place?

I would really like the make your own luck in sweatshirt.

I would like to second this. Some Motivation Required or Rule No. 1: Cardio on a Tech-T or long sleeve Tech-T would be instant purchases for me.

No lightweight hoodies or tanks? What’s the point in workout designs if you cant workout in them.