Resolve to Relax

Yay Pip and Kitteh!


Color me surprised! This is their first daily after 10 years. I hope it was worth the wait!

Thanks for the votes, everybody!

Congrats Adam! Love it.

Thanks ole pal! Happy New Year!

Congrats! Nailed it. Great way to close out the year.

Congrats! Happy to see such relaxed and resolute fellas.

Calvin and Hobbs rip-off

Huh? And who’s “Hobbs”? Some ripoff of “Hobbes”?

As a long time reader of the Laugh Out Loud Cats and with two books on the shelf, I can very much vouch that Adam’s work is original.

That comment is very uncalled for.

Congrats ApeLad! Great style!

Most tee designs are parodies and mashups. It’s part of the medium. If anything, it’s a celebration of the original work.

Great design.

Hip hooray, congrats Adam. :^)

I was seeing more influence from Pogo or Krazy Kat myself.

Congrats on print! Really liked this design, so glad that it was printed. Love the style.
Addition: Didn’t know that you were an author of comic strips. I am so amazed, Adam!