Responda 12" Memory Foam Mattress (5 Sizes)

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Responda 12" Memory Foam Mattress (5 Sizes)
Price: $229.99 - 429.99
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anyone know find any reviews on this mattress?

Keep in mind that this is standard memory foam, which may retain body heat as it cradles you. That’s great in the Winter but may bother some in the Summer. Many newer memory foam mattresses embed “gel” particles into the foam, making it feel cooler. Others add a convoluted “egg carton” layer which helps circulate air. This appears to have such a layer but the description makes no mention of its cooling effects.

knowledge is power…

I got this exact bed from woot, and love it! Every person is different, but this mattress was perfect for me and a great deal. It does smell funny at first but it dissipates in about 4 days. Make sure you leave your window open though or it will smell like new memory foam.

For those who care, memory foam is not very good for sex because it lacks “Bounciness.” At least that’s what this survey of 470 mattress users says. Overall, an expensive latex mattress give the best experience in all 8 factors affecting sex. Memory foam, however, scored the only A’s (A-) – twice. It got those ratings in Comfort and Discretion. Because it absorbs vibrations so well, you can boink quite a bit without waking the downstair neighbors or a person sharing the same room. And if your bed partner is withholding sex, you can self-gratify without waking him or her up. Memory foam also rated the highest for Fast Orgasms, which may or may not be a good thing. In fact, it rated a B while other mattresses got C or C+. On the other hand, memory foam got the only F on the entire chart for Bounciness.

Go here for the survey and analysis

PS - Speaking of sex, this mattress’s name, Responda, can easily be confused for a condom or lube!

lol, then I guess a trampoline would be just the ticket! I need a bigger bedroom.

Walmart “sells” Boyd mattresses under the name of Rest Right via

Don’t know if this is the same brand woot sold before - woot please answer this - but some people who bought those had problems with the mattress not reinflating completely.

If it is the same brand I’d like to know - in advance of purchasing - how woot plans to handle that for the people who have problems. Although come to think of it, if it is a different brand I’d still like to know as memory foam that has been rolled too long or has gotten too hot sometimes does have issues with fully getting its shape back.

[MOD: Not the same manufacturer]

I love the sex chart!!

I wonder though - does faster climax count for both genders? I hope this wasn’t a male-orgasm-focused survey. I’ve been practicing on getting faster lately and I’m looking forward to adding this mattress to my sex chamber to increase my speed.

I am from the Manufacturer and would like to help answer some of these questions. First, this is NOT the same mattress, nor the same manufacturer, as the one that has the linked forum complaints. This 12" memory foam mattress is the best selling mattress in our line up and does not have heat issues. Our bamboo fabric with hollow bamboo fibers, combined with the 3" of convoluted engineered latex offers air to flow above and below the memory foam surfaces, moving heat away from the body. Gel is not a needed feature/expense in this mattress.

I am from the manufacturer and the specs in the picture are the correct ones.

Was checking out the page here -

Could you please offer any insight into the pros/cons between the 5122 which seems to be what woot has listed in their description and the 5121 which seem to be what the pictures show?

can you tell us what the lb rating is for the memory foam?

We are working on updating the features now. Sorry for the confusion. …ooooh, what’s this? Maybe you should click it… And gone.

You bet! The big difference is feel as they are both 12" thick. The 5122 has several thin pieces of foam which makes is very soft. This mattress is right in between firm and plush. The vast majority of consumers prefer this medium firmness, which could be the reason this mattress sells so well;-)

5 lb

Curious as to what benchmark they used for the sex chart, since hardly anything gets an “A”, or even a “B”. (In fact, despite its “F” in bounciness, the memory foam seems to rate highest all around. And relying on your mattress to just mindlessly bounce is pretty lazy and sad anyway, Internet friends.)

So what is this magical sleeping contraption which makes all known forms of mattresses seem inferior?

Anybody know where you can purchase that bed frame at? I can’t find it, and its exactly the one we’ve been looking for!