Rest Your Head, Sweet Child

Remedy Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Size, please.

Looks like a standard, I’m looking for kings.

Not sure about this brand, but Shredded Memory Foam is (for me) the best side sleeper ever!

Could your model look more uncomfortable?

No, I don’t think so.

Do either of the wedge pillows come with a cover? Everywhere else I’ve see them, they specifically state “with cover” - so I’m thinking they don’t.

*Edit - Oops, I see that the one does, indeed state it has a cover. What about the folding wedge pillow? Does that one have a cover?

*Edit #2: Also, what are the dimensions of the folding wedge pillow?

I’ll ask the team to see what info I can get. The weekend may slow down response time.

The pillow has a cover that is removable and washable. There is just that cover that comes with it and no extra pillowcase.

Unfolded they are 24.5” L x 23”W and 7.5” H on the large part of the wedge and 4.5” H on the small end of the wedge.

When the pillow is folded it is 23”W x 8.75”H x 8.5” D.

Sale is updated with this info.

pillows are soooo subjective…

but… does anyone have experience/opinion on the: Lavish Home Ultra-Soft Down Alternative Pillow - King ?..

I typically would never consider using a pillow without physically evaluating it (shoes and pillows are things I’m always willing to spend more on - for obvious reasons > daily use and required comfort)…

But the timing is right - my BB&B pillows are nearing their end… I’m not sure I’ll take such a chance - but my desire to research compels me to ask…