Reston Lloyd Color Kitchen



As someone with a purple themed kitchen, I am loving that it is finally becoming an “in” color. How about you? What color’s your kitchen - and could these coordinate?


My kitchen is basically beige, yellow, and black. NONE of these colanders work for me :frowning:


Also starting to think my yellow and white kitchen was a mistake.

Might switch to red appliances and utensils, I’m a Redskins fan anyway, so the colors would match up, if not the particular shades.


where are the measuring spoons/cups manufactured? The company website gives no info on those products. I don’t want Chinese (or any) lead in my food :-/


We’ll see what we can find out.

Update: We’ve been told India. Hope that helps!


Call me crazy, but the lime colored items are catching my eye!


I have a yellow and white kitchen, and find it a perfect, bright canvas for a crayon-box of bright colors. Cobalt blue, bright red, vibrant green, and here & there a little purple and orange. :slight_smile:


I -love- purple but have never updated my kitchen from the strawberry theme it had when I moved in.

However, I have taken the stance that Purple & Red look awesome together, and since I have the knives, my family agrees :smiley:


You should go for it then! :slight_smile:


I bought one of these a couple years ago at the full price from a local store in San Francisco. They are serious about HAND WASH! One round in the dishwasher ruined it; it wasn’t tagged from the store as hand wash and it got thrown in during post-party clean up. Just a heads up.