Retro Bits

Great job!

Free shipping equals 15 dollar shirts instead of 10…

These are great. Well done :slight_smile:

Ahh I’m tempted! :smiley:

Great designs.

I take issue with the shirt description: no one ever beat Battletoads.

The snes controller’s plug is inaccurate. Looks like they just copied the design over from the nes shirt.

I want to thank Woot for my first daily. I understand the 16bit plug is inaccurate but the actual plug is wide and would have messed up the spacing of the entire design. I wanted the two shirts to match. Thanks to everyone who likes them and purchases them.

Uggg- I don’t need both. Right?

Love these!

These are great designs!

You definitely need both…since Classic NES and Classic SNES are so hard to come by and WAY more expensive :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t they just google image search what the plug looks like? The’re both wrong.

So… when does N64 become retro?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on Woot and bought any shirts, are the two types of shirts the same material or is one softer?
When they were offering two types before one felt nicer, but was more expensive.
Thanks for any help.

Classic is a wider cut (boxier) and a thicker blend. Fitted is as implied, narrower and is thinner (but softer) material. They revamped pricing recently, so it’s the same amount regardless of the fit/brand.