Retro Cluedo

I declare Game Night!

Wait… Why are there 2 extra people? Since when is there an orange, and… I want to say… beige-ish grey character?

Cubist Cluedo! great lines and colors
congrats KG!

Better late than never! Great design, kg07! Love the style on this one.

Miss Peach and Monsieur Brunette. It’s part of the “International” set. There’s also Madame Rose and Dr. Orchid, Prince Azure and Inspector Gray.

Yayayayayay! I’m gonna geek out all day! Congrats on th EC, KG!

Hells yes! I absolutely love this shirt!

Communism is just a red herring.

Congrats on the EC! Great illustration!

Nice to see this one selected for print. Congrats KG

Thanks guys! And thanks to woot for my first editor’s choice daily.

Go KG!! Awesome work!

This is really well done, and I’ve always had a soft spot for this game.

Thanks Steven! I played clue with my kids a couple of weeks before making this design and had never before realized the amount of strategy involved. This is a great game. I doodled this one on a plane to London (who can sleep), so maybe this pays for the ticket. I think the lack of sleep helped with the color choices.