Retro Rebel Alliance Duffle Bag

Retro Rebel Alliance Duffle Bag

Okay, Woot, I’m confused.

Banner at the top of the Duffle Bag page says, “WOOT PLUS - Prime Exclusive: Spend $45, Get a FREE Duffle!” which seems fairly clear. I had > $45 in my cart - an item I wanted, a “meh” filler item to get to the $45 threshold, PLUS a duffle, went thru checkout, got to the final commit page and saw no discount for the duffle. Total was > $95.

Took out the duffle, took out the “meh” item, bought the one item I wanted.

If a Prime member (me) is spending $45 and you’re offering a free duffle when I do that, why didnt that happen? What did I do wrong?

I believe that it’s supposed to talk about having to spend $45 worth of apparel.

Prime Exclusive! Spend $45 on apparel, get a free duffle bag: August 22 - August 28, 2021

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Yeah I did the same thing and no discount in cart. I searched the forum and found this:

Seems a bit deceptive to not mention APPAREL in the ad that links to the duffel bags. And apparently Duffle is the wrong spelling of Duffel. C’mon guys, you can do it!

You want them to use spelling which isn’t archaic?

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Type duffle vs duffel. One comes up with a red squiggly. I’m just saying, if you do a search they both come up but it looks like duffel is the correct way to spell it:

And really this is what you chose to focus on? :wink:





Well… i see the detailed info now, but I hadn’t when I saw the banner ad atop my phone screen. No mention that it was category-specific, just the copy that was presented… buy $45 get a free duffel.

Not feeling ripped-off or entitled or offended or anything “woke” here, just a tad disappointed. I’m hopeful Woot will fix that copy if they havent already before anyone else falls in.

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If I were you I’d go ahead an contact CS. That is what any mod is gonna tell you anyway. Plus they all seem to be on an hiatus. I think you have a window to cancel an order.


Sorry for the confusing title. I’ve added a “Learn More” link that will maybe/hopefully help.

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