Retro Sci-Fi

Brilliant concept!
I knew it was going to place.

That’s a funny “About the Artist” (probably the most overlooked part of this website).

Congrats acraigl! Love the colors and overall feel of the design.

What the heck is SQi-Fi?

Those science fiction people have terrible typefaces

As I said in the derby thread, I’m fascinated with how sci-fi can exist in all periods of time. Even present science was once science-fiction (like going to space, the moon, etc). So I dug putting the references on a retro-style shirt.

Thanks for the support folks!

MODS: Appears that the blank is black, but should be brown. Can you send that up to the powers that be to get addressed? Thanks!


congrats acraigl great design , well deserved win :slight_smile:

As I said before - LOVE the retro style. Way to go acraigl!

Done. :slight_smile:

Update: and fixed

Hey acraigl - our apologies for this mistake! We’ve corrected the images to be on brown.

Also, great work! I love this design.

All good. Thanks for taking care of it so early on a Saturday!