I voted for this shirt before it was cool

He looks either surprised or energized. Beep boop



Is this robot’s name R.O.B.?

I figured that Dr. Von Bigybain must be some classic mad scientist character, but I couldn’t find any Google results for him. Anyone know where the name comes from?

I like his little sexay male symbol. Yeaahh baby, yeeeaaaah!

PS: I did a girly little giggle when I saw the Mr. Bungle reference (or, actually I googled it to make sure it wasn’t a reference to something else). Nonetheless, there was a girly giggle.

two fabulous shirts two nights in a row?

THERE’S the woot i remember! :smiley:

Male Robot! Approaching the red zone.


When I first started reading the write up, I thought the robot was singing “Born This Way” in a robot monotone…

I think he’s dancin’

Maybe we should give 'em the CLAMPS!

It’s too early to be sure, but it looks like he’s attempting a moonwalk.

Not sure if i can sport a t-shirt with a giant design on it like that.

Come on folks. Don’t you know a slot machine when you see one? The coins go into the mouth (or the lower slot, your pick).

Am I seeing things, or is he doing the moonwalk?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about an atheist robot. Still.