RetroConsole w/ 800 Games, 2 Controllers

RetroConsole w/ 800 Games, 2 Controllers

List of key games would be nice. Once I bought something similar and it had 20-30 known games and the rest were Asian knockoffs.


Agreed the grainy picture of a list of games that you can’t read, less than helpful.

Anybody find a link for this thing somewhere else?

This wholesale seller displays the complete list of games:

“Super Legal Non-Super Nintendo Off-Brand Super Retro Gaming System with 800+ Games and Two Controllers for 8-Bit Enthusiasts who Love Bargains and Hate Brand Names”

That has to be the best title for a listing ever.

The Super in the name of this item is totally misleading as is the console design and controller designs. They are all fake NES games in 8 bit.

There is actually nothing legal about this.

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