thank you so much dave!


merci james!


grazie mar!!
hey did i miss the gnome olympics???


i so like these stupid barbies dancing. lol


i know you are very busy woosters, with your hens and such. thanks for thinking of me!!!


yeah! what dave says!!


hahahaha. :slight_smile:


kinda thank you cklun!!! lol


many thanks!!

soooo, whatcha been doing???


and your sweet and thoughtful card arrived today! thank you very much GGM!!!


turning 58 and listening to the blues… how apropos… lol



it was nice… went out to dinner with carla and her boyfriend. good food. good time.
my dad remembered and called me, ( i was afraid he would not remember) so that was great.
didn’t realize your dad passed on my dads birthday. i’ll remember now.

a few more BD’S… leahs on the 18th same as mb’s son k, i think… my brothers on the 19th and grandsons on the 24th same as daves. february is a very long month. lol


this sounds good. makes me happy.
oh, and happy for you and your wife too. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Sir! So much of life is learning to fly.




thank you greens…

i lLOVED all your birthday salutations!!!


ok, alright… it is caturday.


I fell asleep on my side again. I put a pillow between my knees. I now know what THE INTENSE PAIN IS! LEG CRAMPS! This time it is only THE LEFT INNER THIGH. AAAAAAGHH!


Nope, still working on that :wink:


Oh yuck. That is probably a post-surgical symptom. Try eating a banana everyday so you have enough potassium in your system to avoid cramps.