I usually do have a banana for lunch at work. Haven’t been eating any lately…and I keep looking at the one that is left on the counter…


I know two people that had leg cramps for years and someone told them to eat a pickle every day and they haven’t had another one. Something to do with the vinegar.


Is Google trying to get us to use Bing?


An anniversary date for me.
My daddy died 11 years ago today, 2/17/07. He was 84.
He suffered from Parkinson’s for years.
It was a blessing for him.
It was sad to lose my parent who was my saving grace all my life.
The peaceful, friendly man, everyone who knew him, really liked him.

Rest in Peace my sweet daddy.


I know.
Google sucks all of a sudden.
Blame the Google IT guys that think it’s a good idea to screw with us. They love clicking lots of keys to get something done.

ps… Happy Weekend Everyone!


My search on the iPad has not changed.
I key in my subject.
It shows images, bring them up and select one.

How is that search dif on a computer?
I have never used a computer for woot!.


Sorry cal.

Yeah, my dad had Parkinson’s for many many yrs. The meds were not good for him either. I honestly don’t know the date he died, but it was a while ago…


The Greens have so many things in common.
Three of us lost a parent this week, in dif years.

Our dads suffered the same. No, that barrage
of meds my dad took did not help anything.

My son’s bday is the 21, we buried daddy the day before his birthday. He adored his granddaddy!
His other grandfather died 17 days after my daddy. He was not a bit close with him.


It isn’t the search. They removed the view image button. Now you need to visit the site and view image from there. No guarantee you’ll find the image on the page either.



That is so inconvenient.
Sometimes going to the site does guarantee it will post. I have tried by going to a site before on a gif that would not show.
Takes some fun out of posting.
I hope not too much, I love everyone’s pics.


Tired of wearing jammies. Put jeans on after showering. Feel human now.


Mentioned to dad that when I was changing the handle on the toilet, the tank cracked. I was trying to seal it with Flex Seal. If it didn’t work we’d have to go to Lowe’s for a new one. Why not replace it and not worry about the seal? Okay. He just replace one of theirs with a longer bowl, so he had an extra. Bonus! He’s here now making the change. WooHoo!



I like when I can save a buck or two!


9 out of 10 Olympians grew up drinking milk…I’d bet 9 out of 10 serial killers did too.


stupid dairy farmer propaganda.

milk is for cows. and maybe tea/coffee. blech.



Quick check in…hope all is well…it’s chemo weekend so still married to the bed…got the flu shot even tho I already got the flu…shot hurt worse than my infusion and still hurts. was feeling kinda better but the chemo fairy came…but it keep sme on this side of the grass and I will continue until it stops working…which will be like never! missing everyone bigtime and sending everyone #MuchLove and #ManyHugs


Strong winds.
Power out.