Hang in there Kath. You’ve beat it this long you might as well keep going. Flip the bird to cancer!


…and cereal…and hot chocolate…and chai latte…


Isn’t it weird how we’d all (?) turn our nose up at drinking breast milk that is made for us, yet most of us do not think twice about drink cow breast milk that is made for cows. Or goat. Or Sheep.


I drink milk… or… at least I used to drink milk all the time. Kinda slowed down a decade ago. It’s still good with cookies, pie, cake, etc…

Power still out. No idea why the internet cable works. Our generator is purring along…

We had milk goats in the 80’s & part of the 90’s. Raised the kids (lol) on goat milk. Tasted exactly like cow milk… unless the damn goats got into weeds or brush. They had to eat good alfalfa, grains & grass. Mrs. d milked them 2X a day.


Cows (& goats) hopefully eat grass & grains. People eat twinkies & stinky sea food… The milk is what you eat…


I now click on the image, then when the box opens I right-click on the image shown and hit ‘open image in new tab’. Then… click & use the new tab.


Hey kat.
Still sending lots of prayers your direction…
Take care & remember: GREEN TEAM is always here for you!!


No right click on the phone.


Power still out. Went out at 10:15.


US women’s curling is wearing Green! We’ve gotta beat Canada!




I never ate twinkies or sea food. lotta garlic, though…



hope it’s back up soon.


hope you’re feeling better soon, kathleen. thanks for checking in.



I’ve had this damn head cold for a week now. not really worse, but still hanging around. mostly tired, but stuffy/coughing too.

rested last couple days but it’s making me bored. hope to feel better soon.

coworker’s mom passed away yesterday. they asked me to work tomorrow but I said I could only do 1/2 day. it’s K’s 18th bday. probably his last bday at home for a while (will be at college next year). I get paid barely over minimum wage, so no thanks. I am working a full day Mon (was supposed to leave early) and picked up a Tuesday shift as well. they asked me to work all day Weds as well. it’s going to be close to 70! I said I would do 8:30-3:30 and boss said “I will take what I can get”. whatever.



my favorite cereal when I was young was shredded wheat. now it’s Kashi Autumn Wheat. and I’ve always eaten it dry.

don’t like sugary cereal. don’t like milk.


they upped the snow forecast for tonight. was 1-3 inches, now 4-6. heaviest between midnight and 3 am.



chev!! maybe you need to plan a Maine vacation!

this farm is offering hikes with goats!