I think that is the point of that line from Willy.




Our forecast of 3-5 inches of snow turned into a flurry of show, sleet, freezing rain, and a nice glaze of ice on everything. Glad I’m home and plan to stay there.

MamaChev went to Urgent Care today for her sinuses - finally. She’s been fighting it for weeks. Got an antibiotic, so hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.


Anniversaries are hard, even years later. May time heal your broken heart, Cal. We’ll all meet again some day.


Hey Kat, so glad you checked in. We think of you often around here. Stay warm and safe, rest as much as you can. Feel the Green Love, Sistah!


Dang! I missed Porkapalooza again!

I have wanted to hit this BBQ festival for years, but have never made it. It’s only an hour and a half from me (over the mountain), but it’s in freakin’ February - WHY? Why can’t you make it in May or June?


I drink almond milk, unsweetened vanilla.


Damnit Warshington!


So sorry for your co-worker. Two people in my office lost their mothers this month.

someone will pick up those shifts, don’t worry. Son’s 18th is important!

Hope you kick those cold germs!


3 more pages, Greens!

Edit: Well, 4 I guess.

when is it going to happen?


Oh yes, TP, that’s my man. I am still so very sad about his passing. I listen to Sirius 31 Tom Petty Radio every day now.


Good to hear from you Kath! Good thoughts for you!


Oh yum I love all kinds of milk and dairy products!


and custards…and whipped cream…and pudding…


Due to the way may dad always fixed shredded wheat…he’d run the biscuit under hot water (to soften), drain it, sugar it, and then pour on milk…I do it too…but not for many years.
Favorites are Crispix, Honey NUT Cheerios, or Raisin Bran. I actually prefer the store brand to most cereals.

He also crushes Saltines in a glass, pours in milk to fill the glass, and eats it with a spoon.
He’s from West Virginia. Maybe it is one of those Depression Era “meals”.


Conceded after 7 of 10 ends down 11-3.


Tell me about it.


Too many others to compete with?


My dad ate shredded wheat the very same way!

Never heard of the saltines thing, though.