Oogie used to eat cereal dry. If she eats it now it has to be fast before it gets mushy.

She had shredded wheat once…never again when she choked.


DAMN!!! PAGE 996???

Had an unexpectedly busy day!

Ended with dinner with friends. Just got home.

I have not looked at comments yet…hoping everyone is having a good day today?


not even coffee or tea…eck


hey Kathleen!









GREENS…we are nearing page 1,000.

AS A REMINDER and for those who are not aware, the thread will be shut down shortly after we hit the end of page 1,000 by TT!

Our tradition had been the last person to post on page 1,000 will start the new Green Grotto thread.

Except for last year when BSN was out of control.

SO…as we go forward, please note when you will all be here tomorrow or Monday to be included in the posting frenzy to reach the end!

We want to include as many of us as possible. And I need to alert TT as well.

I am able to be here any time. Thanks to everyone!


I like raisin bran. It has to sit for five minutes in the milk before I eat it.

The only other time I drink milk is with soup or chili.


we only have 4 techs. 1 full time, 3 part time. so not a lot of backup. but for what I get paid, not my problem.


looks like tomorrow will be the day, unless the night shift goes into a posting frenzy!! can you give TT a heads up?

another coworker took the Sunday shift, so I am home tomorrow. good I won’t have to be in for 9:30 as we’ll probably still be clearing the driveway then.


we saw Phantom Thread tonight. didn’t really understand it. was interesting, but not really our cup of tea. at least it got me out of the house.


SO tomorrow will be the day.


I sent TT a message that tomorrow or Monday will be the day. I will update that tomorrow. So NO POSTING FRENZY EARLY TOMORROW!!! Give us all a chance to wake up!!!


I’ll be around tomorrow.
I’m expecting to be back to work on Monday, so I’m hoping it won’t happen then.

I have confidence in the Green Team we can accomplish this on Sunday. It’s only 3+ pages.

Oogie is getting up at 7 but that doesn’t mean I will.


And we’re almost done with this page.


Hmmmm. Page count is getting a bit high, don’t ya think?

I’ll look in when I wake up tomorrow. Usually that’s in the afternoon as I’m a lazy bum.


What do you mean out of control cklun?


Spent too long going through boxes I never emptied when I moved, trying to make room for a desk so I can have an office in that extra room.

Sore now.


you never stop missing your parents. good or kinda of not so great, you just never stop missing your parents… it’s like your life is just so not the same… when they are gone. you know what i mean.

my grandpa had Parkinsons. he died when i was 25. for 25 years he was bedridden in a bunch of different nursing homes for 25 years. i never saw him walk or stand…
in order to sit in a wheelchair, he was tied in.
it was heartbreaking. i hate Parkinson.


these asses are sooo 2016…

at least show me new wedgies.