it’s been like 2 years now…

i like you BSN… i do

but how is oreo doing???


no saltine thing either.
my mom warm up milk pour it on the shredded wheat topped it with brown sugar.


well… i just kicked it to 997.


today is leah’s birthday and k’s…
when i had my first… i was going to name them keith or kyle… i had a girl… named her kyle… can’t name a girl keith…lol

happy birthday MB’S son K!!!


soooo… i will come on at 1:00 pm… (super early posting for me, i know. lol)

busy sunday… dear cklun… lol


today greens!! we will be brand new again!!! whooo hooo!!!



ok!! I am here but will not post much until say noon or early afternoon and we can do our mini posting frenzy and start a new thread! how exciting.






He is doing great. He wanted to sleep in my lap while I was trying to get that room clean.

Yeah… Like a year and a half. Obviously most of that stuff is going straight to the trash. I have a lot of NASCAR stuff. Idk if I should just leave it in boxes or get some shelves and put it on display. I am glad I didnt have to go through those boxes though. I still have boxes in the garage too of rarely used things.


I’m here.

Noonish sounds good.


Power & internet back on! Came on about 6am.

Drove to get dinner last evening, had to go around two roads closed and drive around a large tree in a road.

The winds are bringing in some arctic air the next few days…


This is my Posting Frenzy.


YEEEEES! I vote for this!


I heard y’all had 120 mph winds and it was going to get freezy cold for you now!

Shit, Dave!

Build a fire!


I finished cleaning the bathroom!

Now I have to take a shower!

(Yes, I cleaned the bathroom before I took a shower. It made sense at the time. I need more coffee.)

I’ll be back before the Green Hits The Fan!




Just waking up!

Ok. So POSTING FRENZY will start off slowly!

We need to wait until we can have thread shut down which will be NO EARLIER THAN NOONISH TT TIME!

I will update and until then…post very thoughtfully and slowly!