Return of TVs

I can’t speak for all of the TV’s, but the Samsung 39" is not significantly discounted compared to the mothership. I would expect more of a discount relative to new for a refurb.

asked last time, but the site’s more active today. anyone bought the Element? is it ok?

Clan check

I have a couple fairly technical questions about the haier LE19B13200.

  1. what is the actual input voltage? is there a large power brick supplying 12 or 24vdc? how much power does it use?

  2. does this monitor go to a blue screen on a semi weak signal? small haier monitors are kind of known for allowing static to come through on a week signal ( this is a good thing)

Own the hisense 50. Great tv. Wi-fi works great. Clear pic and good sound. Can’t beat for the money

It would probably be best to call the manufacturer for those questions.

Funny thing is that Amazon states it’s a refresh rate of 60Hz, while Woot states it has Clear Motion Rate (120Hz). So, what’s the deal with the refresh rate discrepancy? I’m inclined to believe at this price that it’s 60Hz only. Not worth my money. However, if it’s 120Hz, definitely worthwhile.

Their website shows 120hz and a search for it brings up a few different sites that advertise the same 120hz refresh rate. Including Amazon:"+1080p+120Hz+Smart+TV+with+Wi-Fi