Return Restocking fees for new apple laptop?


I am an amazon prime member who purchased a new apple laptop from woot. I am in need to return it for personal reasons. The laptop is fine, was opened, turned on and that’s about it. It needs to be returned. What are the refund details for this? Woot had given me a prepaid UPS label, and an additional label because it has a battery.

Full refund?
Restocking fee?
Return shipping?

Help please.

The label is a pre-paid label so no return shipping.
No restocking fee.
Full refund as long as it’s in the condition received.

We generally don’t charge unless you abuse our generosity.

Thank you for the clarification, yes everything is new but had to turn it on once to verify it was working and to verify the warranty.

I had sent an email to the the customer service email asking these details, but you answered. Thank you!

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