Returning Items - do humans exist and the meaning of life

Hi - I purchased a crossbow. Silly, spur of the moment - not allowed in the country where I live.

I ship my items to Miami as I do not live in the USA, and for the last five years all has been well.

So - step one - return item. Easy. Follow instructions = label + email = sent to shippers to return item.
Wait** - response from shippers, not enough postage to cover return of item.

Step two - refill online form - explain lack of postage -
Reply from WOOT - sorry, we don’t deal with shippers, end of conversation.

Step three - refill online form - explain shippers not the problem, lack of postage is.
Reply from WOOT - sorry to hear your item is broken, not our fault - its the shippers.

Step four - refill online form - not broken, not shippers - LACK OF POSTAGE
Reply from WOOT - sorry for lack of postage, have another form and $6.00 for your trouble.
Nice people - finally.

Send form to shippers - reply - not enough postage - still 3lbs, not 14 lbs as required. AND BTW if you don’t do some thing about this we will destroy your item as unclaimed.

Step five- fill in online form - try to be creative with words - i.e NOT 3lbs - NEED 14lbs

Step five - try facebook messenger hoping human being might be on the end of it. Nope.

Step five - contact shippers to ask them to pay for return item of $29.00, of which I can swop a $6.00 WOOT credit for - not their policy either. They ship. not pay.

Step six. - - – -- - - - ah - write again threatening a lightening bolt strike … no no no …

Step seven - await new response from WOOT. Prepare legal department for action.

Step eight - Write on forum with hope that some one has a phone number to call that has a human on the end of it, or just to check that the human race has not since disappeared.

One meaning of life is to be tolerant - but tolerance does not work when automated systems are in charge, then its fine to rant. WOOT monkeys, they have got that right.

Current status - awaiting reply.

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Hi there. I chatted to CS. All of our return labels default to 3 lbs and then update once the item is shipped.

Regardless, they’re sending you a new label.

Hi ThunderThighs

Even if I am a little uncomfortable in your screen name, Im grateful for your presence. I have just received the new email and shipping details and forwarded that to my shipping agents.

Moral of this story is - don’t buy crossbows and get embroiled with homeland security - customs or any legal entity that does not understand archery. Smuggling is possibly the future of inter island shopping. Happy New Year Ms thighs from the BVI.




I think it would be easier to petition your local legal system to allow crossbows than to return one.


OK - Update - all systems and people seem to be running with this new label (with the same amount as before) and everyone is happy.

Thank you ThunderThighs - another success story to add to your list.


More success for our CS group than me. :w_happy:


Step nine- Move to a country that allows crossbows.