Returns not working?


So woots return policy is supposed to be 30 days, but I need to return an item from my 12/31 order and I cant initiate a return because the system says I’m outside the window? What’s up with that? I have an email in to CS, but sometimes posting in the forum is more effective. Anybody else having trouble with this?


Not sure. Could be we have poor messaging. I’ll ask CS. THANK YOU!


I appreciate that, hopefully that will get things resolved while still in the return window.


I see that CS has already take care of you this morning. I’m talking to the CS manager.

Some items are excluded from self-return and we ask that you contact CS. It can also depend on what you choose in the form.

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


Just got the email, that’s awesome, thank you/CS so much for being so responsive. Credit where due, I know you all get a lot of grief sometimes, so enjoy some props. I’ve never had a bad experience with you guys.