What do you mean by “Hassle Free Returns”?

You’ll find all the info Here.

It is a series of hassles, in loops, to return an item to Woot. It’s going to take more than a $5x30-day coupon to get me to shop here again.

How about a good deal on an item you didnt know you needed… say like a Nice Statue!

Looks like you’re a first time buyer, first time poster. What is the hassle you’re experiencing so we can try to help?

Actually, no; not a first time buyer. What you can do to help?

  1. Take the kneejerk out of Customer Service that doesn’t allow replacements of faulty merch. ("…unable to update quantities in our system when a sale is active…")

  2. Make the return process more responsive. (credited “…in 7 to 10 business days…”)

  3. If you refer customers to the product’s warranty service, make sure that the product’s customer service is functional.

  4. Process my return credit. You’ve had the faulty router for two weeks.

I’m very sorry about this. I’ll reach out to our CS team right away and get you refunded for the returned item.