What is the procedure for returning a purchase?

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  1. From Purchase History , click “I Need Help” next to the order which you want to return.
  2. Select “I wanna cancel or return some stuff”.
  3. Select “I want to return the items I ordered”.
  4. Confirm that the item on your screen is what you want to return, by pressing “Continue”.
  5. In the second message of the subsequent monkey chat, you should see this text:

And hey, if your order was placed within the last 30 days, the item price is $20 or more, and it arrived damaged, defective, or missing accessories, you can do a self-service returnby clicking here.

Press the word “Here”.

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Please send address to return the 2 items I want to return. How about a prepaid return shipping label? That would be awesome.

That’s literally what the process above will give you.


I need a return label for a 50# box please…say…just asking. Do these returned boxes sit for very long? Because my items will need to be fe…um…opened quickly.

I would like to return a box. I don’t know how it found it’s way here.


Yes, that’s 25 pounds of cases