Reusable Hot/Cold Neck & Shoulder Pad-7 Colors

If it doesn’t work, then hang it from a string and pretend its your own miniaturized spaceship.

Has anyone put this in the freezer to use it as a cold pack?


Just got this… Packaging and instructions say nothing of the “cold” half of the advertised function. Only heat.
The thing says “instant heat” where you click this metallic disc in the center of the liquid causing a chemical reaction and heat. However, to reuse, you have to boil the thing in a pot of hot water each time!! What’s so instant about that? Also, my metal disc is so stiff it won’t click. what the hey.
going to try freezing the pos. would like to hear your experience!!

This thing is way more complicated than as advertised and the packaging doesn’t even mention that it can be used for cold. I’m pissed and would like to return it.

I also am going to return. Nothing at all about being used for cold. The advertising indicates simplicity. However, if you have to boil water nothing simple about that. Definitely false advertising.

This site has a better description along with tips for using cold:

I agree horrible product. False advertising because the package contains nothing about being used for cold or in the freezer. I too have requested to return the product. Very disappointed.

heat only… falsely advertised. Couldn’t get the disc to “click” (which is supposed to activate the heating system). Piece of crap, scam. WOOT did accept a return and sent me a RMA/mailing label, for full refund